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We're all about partnership!

'We' is 'us.'  Taco's a fluid group of people.  We have partners who have been on more than a dozen tours.  Some people come once - some people come once a year.  Some give so that we have equipment and the means to carry it around.  Some pray - and because of their prayers there are churches in existence made up almost entirely of contacts from Taco events.

So get clickin' on one of the tabs and become one of us!

Rob's story

“It was the summer of 1998. I was 22, in college, in a band, and wanting to do something that would make a difference. The band was approached with the opportunity to go to a country I’d barely heard about, to sing about Jesus to predominantly Muslim audiences, and try to connect with a culture I knew nothing about. I was young. I was excited. I was scared. I was willing.

We got off the plane, met the people we were to spend the next six weeks with, drove through the very crowded streets of Istanbul, and anticipated some radical life changing moments. Only hours later we were on stage playing to 400 people. After the concert I met a girl named Saadet who wanted to hear more about this Jesus we were singing about. And it was in that moment that I knew that what Taco was doing was an incredibly important thing.

Since then, I have done something like an additional ten tours (I have lost track, as it now feels like every time I return, I am just returning to my second home). I’ve done tours in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Kyrgyzstan with Taco. We’ve played every sort of venue imaginable. From outdoor amphitheaters on the Aegean Sea, to large shopping malls in the capital, to impromptu street performances, to prisons, to disabled men’s institutions, to schools and universities. Every one a unique experience. Every one memorable. Every one an incredible opportunity to be a part of something larger. Every one something to be extremely grateful for. Radical life changing moments? Without a doubt. Worth the time and energy invested? No question. Will I do it again? You bet your life!”

        Rob Carter – musician (Echelon, The Between, StoryBox and other musical incarnations)