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Creative Arts

So, this is where it all happens and you can get a sense of the arts that we use.

"Being on Taco means that there is always room and space to try new things. I was able to perform but also to write dramas and direct them. One of the things I tried was to partner with the music band and choreograph a dramatic story side by side with some songs that the band had been performing. 

Learning, is a way for me to experience God for myself. I struggled a lot in doing the choreography, but in my weakness I could see God’s power and provision. Step by step, He gave me the inspiration for what the story line should be, and brought the right people to come and help. 

In this project, I experienced how Taco is like a family. Before rehearsal time, I met with different people who shared ideas about the plot, and there were other team members who helped with costume and props preparation. During rehearsal, God brought in a creative team who were willing to try anything, and had lots of good ideas to offer.

I saw how God was at work in this preparation process. Slowly our choreography of the prodigal daughter was completed. The drama spoke to those in the audience who God had planned to receive, including one lady whose personal story was similar to the main character’s experience. This lady met with our actress after the show and shared her life story to our team-mate. What a blessing to see God use our gifts to serve His purpose and His glory!"        Juni