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“As a former church planter in the Middle East, I have trouble containing myself in my enthusiasm for how TACO has helped both of the goals of evangelism and church planting. In the concerts I personally witnessed, literally many thousands of people have been exposed to the gospel (often for the first time) and God's love and other truths about Him, which would have never heard about him were it not for the outreaches. In our church alone, probably several thousand people also learned of the location of our church because of the concerts. Certainly well over 100 people came to visit the church (apart from the concerts) because of attending concerts and because of friends who attended concerts. Some hadn't even gone to the concerts, they were simply excited to find out about a church in their city and wanted to visit a church service. Few other forms of evangelism could so widely expose our city to the existence of our church. Several individuals (not insignificant for where we lived) came to a saving faith in Christ because of the concert outreaches. Also, many of the local believers were encouraged to reach out to their neighbors and share their faith and invite them to the concerts. These concerts also greatly encouraged the believers in the local church and many were emboldened by the witness of the band members and they became bolder. It would truly be a great loss for the cause of the gospel in the Muslim world if this ministry was unable to continue.”

Robert Livingston – Former worker in the Middle East

Author of the book, “Christianity and Islam: The Final Clash

Support from the Crowd

"We did a show in Antalya,Turkey which happened to be during a religious holiday. As we shared about God's love a man from the crowd started shouting, telling us to stop, saying how dare we try to tell them how to know God during their holiday and that they know God better than we do. Our translator asked the rest of the crowd if they wanted us to pack up and leave. They said "No!" and began to turn on the heckler telling him to quiet down and shame on him. They wanted to know more about our God who loves them. So, the one upset man left and we continued performing and sharing the Gospel and had great conversations about God with people after the show."    Anna