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"I praise the dance, for it frees people from the heaviness of matter and binds the isolated to community. I praise the dance, which demands everything: health and a clear spirit and a buoyant soul." St Augustine

Dance provides an opportunity for TACO to present the two greatest commandments that Jesus spoke of - to love God with our heart, mind, soul and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Dance, be it hip-hop, classical or interpretive, stirs the emotions and often presents a message more effectively than words alone can. People are looking for meaning and reality that speaks to them emotionally and spiritually more than intellectually – dance does this.

In our presentations, we combine many kinds of dance with with other art forms to express the message, artistry and creativity of God. Dance is visual and eye-catching - a great vehicle to attract attention and draw a crowd.

Will you join us?

Whether you do classical, hip-hop, ballroom or any other form of dancing, we would love to work with you! Come join our team for tours  around several different countries or come dance on the streets as we do outreach together. You can come with some prepared material to share or work alongside some of our resident dancers to do partner dances or group pieces. Just come ready to share about the true Inspiration behind your moves with the people around you.

Want to bring your whole dance troupe overseas? Wonderful! We would love to work alongside you to see how we can use your whole team on one of our tours or local outreaches.

We look forward to having you dance with us soon! All you have to do is click contact so that we can start chatting about a good fit for you. You can use the same form to send along to us any questions you have. We'll get back to you as soon as we can - at least before "Dancing with the Stars" can get a hold of you.

The Power of Dance

Prison Dance"In 2010, our TACO team planned a spring tour to Kyrgyzstan, but we were unable to go because of political unrest. There were two dancers on the team and during the summer we began praying for Kyrgyzstan. We felt that God was giving us a vision to speak into the country’s situation prophetically through dance. In October we were given a second opportunity to go to Kyrgyzstan. By then we had really developed a compassion for the country and choreographed two dances that had an overall message of peace and reconciliation.

During our many shows in Kyrgyzstan we actually were able to witness God speaking to people through our dances. Many people would come to us after the shows and ask to hear more about our dances and their message.

One day we performed at a women's prison. We were allowed to be very open about Jesus that day. Our organizer was even able to share his testimony and preach. During the show the women really enjoyed the dancing - many were even crying. After the show several came to my dance partner and me and thanked us for our dances. They were really moved! I believe that the dances spoke to them in ways that our preaching could not. But I know that through the combination of both many witnessed God's power for salvation." Ashley