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Up-and-Coming Tours

We currently have 4 up-and-coming tours - but things often change in the Taco world, so check back here again soon.

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No Longer Music in Turkey

Late August-Early September (not confirmed)

"No Longer Music" (NLM) was founded in Amsterdam in 1985 by David Pierce and has been touring the world ever since. Since its formation, NLM has made its mark through its bold and creative blend of music and theater. In many ways NLM has been and continues to be a refreshing exception to a music scene rarely daring to be different. Throughout the years the style of NLM has adapted but its commitment to cutting edge visuals and theatrics has ensured that international demand for the band has stayed strong. Check out the No Longer Music website.

No Longer Music

Face-to-Face in Turkey

August 31 - September 04

Face-to-face use drama/puppets with local styled dance and music to tell Biblical stories pointing to the work of Christ in salvation. The portable nature, quick set-up and highly visual approach of this type of outreach allow it to draw large crowds quickly and be performed from seaside boardwalks to busy parks. Click here or here to see shows.


Adrian Van Vactor in Germany

September 15 - October 01

Adrian’s task is to use of the art of illusion as a tool to bridge cultural, language, and generational gaps in order to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Chris!  Adrian combines apologetics with his international award-winning skills as an illusionist and entertainer. Check out the Adrian Van Vactor website.

Adrian Van Vactor

UniShow in Kosovo

September 23 - October 06

One Life: Dustin connects with his audience speaking from his own experiences dealing with: rejection, parents divorce, suicide, relationships, purity, perseverance, becoming a world champion and more. One Message: to live a life surrendered to Jesus Christ. One Wheel: Dustin illustrates his life and message through a one-of-akind presentation using the tool of extreme unicycling to captivate youth of all ages. Check out the UniShow website.


No plan - just go!

In addition to the more 'formal' tours listed on this page, members of the Taco team in Turkey go out most weeks just to share the gospel with people on the streets of Istanbul. Lots of the time we use the creative arts, but sometimes we just go out. Most people in Turkey are friendly (and curious!) enough that it's not hard to meet and chat.